My Roots

Anthony Bal

Forest Bathing Guide
Mental Wellbeing Coach
International Trainer

Likes: Iceland, Spinoza, Haruki Murakami, neo-shamanism & Henrik Schwarz.

Hi! I’m Anthony from Treewise.

Born in the early 80’s, holder of a degree in Psychology and counting 10 years of experience in corporate HR and coaching. Now that you know my papers, let’s talk about what’s really interesting.

I’ve always been passionate about two things: how people’s psyche works and the natural world – and of course the intimate relationship between those two.

About the first thing there is a lot to say, but I’ll spare you the lecture. What’s imporant is that I strongly believe knowing yourself and growing yourself accordingly, holds the key to solving every problem you encounter in life. Being in good mental health shapes everything you feel, do and say for the better.

While working in HR departments of organisations and coaching employees and managers, my interest was gradually drawn to the personal dimension of people’s psychology. Especially to how to really make change happen in that area – across the borders of our behaviour as working men and women and in the deeper layers of our personalities.

Today, as a Mental Wellbeing Coach, my favourite topics to work with are cognitive re-programming, emotional wellbeing, personal transformation and interpersonal relations. Although using different frameworks and methods I discovered a common thread: the more one dares to dig deeper in their being, the more talent and energy unveils. This gets one closer to his/her authentic nature (sounds floaty, but it’s really a thing).

And this brings me to my other passion: nature – the one outside of us. Starting with my personal experience with health and my own search for happiness. The taste of nature has been with me since I was a kid and I always understood nature had a lot of secrets to share when it comes to balancing the human body & brain. It took me years of dedicated forest roaming to polish my understanding of what nature can do for us. Nature can bring more health, more power and more solutions than any other thing in this world. And that’s not only an opinion, it is now becoming a fact through scientific research.

I say Nature (with a big “N”) can not only feed and cure our bodies, it also surprisingly helps us know ourselves better. Nature makes us grow, it has the best food for our soul.

Since recently I also go by the name of Forest Bathing Guide, going out there in the forest to combine my two passions with a genuine feeling of happiness and a sharp willingness to share my knowledge and practice with others.

I’m always glad to accompany people in their growing process through both evidence-based experiences ánd more alternative and creative methods. And of course always from a nature-centered and holistic perspective.

I hope I can help you find the start of your own road to the forest. Cheers!