Agenda & Bookings

1. Check our activities

Before booking a dive in the forest, check out our different programs on the Activities page. You can then choose the formula that fits you the best.

We also organise and participate in special events (lectures, online activities, season’s specials, …), you will find them in the calendar below.

2. Pick a date in the agenda

You can consult all the scheduled group sessions in the calendar below.
Choose your date & location (and guiding language) and mention your desired date in the “Make a booking”-form below.

For 1+coach wanderings, Recovery Bathing and other programs: go straight to step 3 below (“Make a booking”)

No group sessions planned on the specific date you had in mind?
► Check out our other activities
Make a proposition through the “Make a booking”-form below. We’ll gladly find a fitting date for you!

3. Make a booking