The Basics

All of our different Forest & Nature Bathing activities are set on connecting with nature. Our mission is to guide you to deep relaxation and recharge.

Let’s go downtempo. We don’t go hiking, our aim is not the km’s but the experience. We stroll slowly and sometimes in silence.

We invite you to conscious experiencing moments with nature. These can be physical contact exercises with natural elements or modern meditation-like moments (sitting or lying down) to tune your senses in.

Forest Bathing coaches will explain you facts, figures & anecdotes about nature and its benefits along the way.

All weathers work for connecting to nature’s elements. Even wind, rain and snow can be relaxing. In case of storm, we assess good safety before going out.

Keep your phone out of reach during Forest Bathing – do yourself a favour.

You’ll learn a surprising lot about yourself – your own nature – by being in deep contact with the (outer) nature.

Choose your program

Group session

Taking an immersive Forest Bath with a group of nature curious or enthousiasts. Join a scheduled group session or bring your own group. Our guide will immerse you in nature’s elements through your senses. The best way to get acquainted with Forest Bathing.

Duration: +/- 3 hours
Price: 40€ per person
Groups are max. 10 persons
Locations: check the agenda

Solo session

A personalised solo Forest Bathing experience with a guide. For stress relief and recharge or for deeper exploration of your inner world with nature’s support. Or both. Your nature guide will be your supporting coach during this wandering.

Duration: +/- 2 1/2 hours
Price: 130€
Location: different options available

A la carte

Do you have something unique or specific in mind? Let’s attempt to make a program that can fit your ideas and wishes. Forest Bathing can be combined with f.e. yoga, mental wellbeing topics, eco-education, other alternative practices, … .

Duration & Price: to be discussed

Recovery Bathing

Forest bathing is proven to be a supportive cure for those who recover from burn-out, illness, chronic disease, mental wellbeing challenges and other. We warmly welcome you on an adapted Forest Bathing program, designed for deep relief and recharge – in all security and confidentiality of course.

Different options & sessions are possible

Treewise Travels

Travel with us on a multi-day trip, designed for deep nature immersion. This is a whole new way of spending holidays, travelling slowly between wilderness and comfortable natural accomodation. We combine outdoor discovery with workshops and well-being activities.
We regularly organise travels to Finland, Portugal & France. More destinations will be added soon!

Treewise for Teams

Are you looking for an original and sustainable teambuilding activity? And/or an authentic and evidence-based way for your employees or team to unwind deeply and relieve stress? Forest Bathing works for both: from getting to know colleagues and nature in a different way to stress reduction and burn-out prevention. And more: it strongly boosts concentration span, problem solving skills and creativity. Treewise gladly designs a fitting program for your team’s needs – guided by our expert Anthony who combines 10 years of HR expertise with Forest Bathing techniques.

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